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Stepping years ahead of herself, this artist created a world of etheral, melodic, musical images thanks to the help of handpicked musicians.


Regan's debut album, 'First Breath' topped the charts at #1 numerous times on, and still remains one of the site's best selling CD's thanks to fans all over the world showing their respect for this great album.


Ethereal guitars, haunting melodies, superb vocals, and clever lyrics are just a few aspects brought to the table in this multi-faceted dream world created by Regan and her comrades. The songs chosen for the CD are designed to show a completely different side of Regan's musical abilities. This is definitely headphone heaven!


Features catchy hit single 'Today' which was #1 on and




Musicians include:

Regan (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars)

Andrew Hackett (Lead guitar)

Jeff McManus (Drums & Percussion)

Paul Sprenkle (Bass)


Produced by Regan

Co-produced by John Morand

Recorded at Sound Of Music in Richmond, VA.

First Breath

SKU: 634479877995
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