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REGAN ● Refugee Love

REGAN ● Refugee Love

Available on: Apple Music: Spotify: More from R𝝣GAN : ________________________________________________ Artist: R𝝣GAN Song: Refugee Love Album: Slow Down (Vault Tapes 2004) Year: 2004 Music & Lyrics by: Regan Sprenkle Label: oLive Records ________________________________________________ It used to be as though one could offer and bestow a love so. The boys would tend to cars and things The girl would hope through faded windows. The skin that drips the salty sweet is glistening in the small town sun. The eyes that give the day away would meet in the dusty road. 5:30 eggs just the way he likes them Would slide across the counter in a rush of excitement. And pour another cup. He thanks her politely. Everyone, everyone can see. Two years down the road she’s his girl, he’s her soldier Clutching to the picture and the hope that she’ll remember The times they’d meet behind the shed And this is then what he read… And he said: “I’m busting out of here” I caught a cab to the station. Took a train to the shore. I jumped the boat and rode the waves to your shore. I ran for miles in the shoes of a smiling refugee. I was one with the mighty river flow. I saw the dust rising up from the edge of my father’s field. I smelled the sweet Magnolia. Now here I stand in front of you. It used to be as though one could offer and bestow a love so. Now here we are again my refugee love. © 2004 ________________________________________________ Album Credits: regan: Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Percussion Andrew Winn: Classical guitar, Background vocals Curtis Fye: Bass, Background vocals Robby Sinclair: Drums Daniel Clarke: Organ, Piano Alan Parker: Electric guitar John O'Reilly Jr.: Additional drums, percussion Bobby Lynch: Percussion, Background vocals Produced by: Regan Sprenkle & Stewart Myers Engineered by: Stewart Myers & Regan Sprenkle Recorded at: White Star, Dragonfly & Three Bird Studios Mixed by: Stewart Myers Mastered by: Regan Sprenkle ________________________________________________
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