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Regan is owner of Three Bird Studios. This project recording facility is located in the beautiful "River City", RVA, Richmond, VA, but thanks to modern technology, creates sounds for folks all over the world.


:: 3BS offers the "Give A Song" Program: There's nothing more inspiring than making music with a purpose. If you are a non-profit with a positive message, contact 3BS for information on ways to spread your message through the power of music ::

Services include:

:: Original Music for Film/TV/Ads & Artists
:: Vocal: 
    - Arranging
    - Writing
    - Recording
    - Tuning
    - Editing
    - Mixing
    - Voice Overs (female, male, child)
:: Script/Tag/Lyric Writing/Consulting
:: Sound Design (TV, Film)
:: Editing
    - Sound recording editing/"clean up"
    - Voice
    - Instruments
    - Tuning/Pitch correction
    - Time/Performance correction

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